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ished it when I was about 35 years old. In between, I’ve written many songs, but I finally finished it then. It was named to disguise my first crush on a girl named Joanna. ga teve Orte S What other songs have you written? I’ve written many, some don’t even have titles yet. Some were inspired by memories, cloudy days, winter - a lot of them, written to thank God. English by Larry What got you started writing songs and music? Well I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy writing until my mom forced my hand one day. She bought blank greeting cards for me to use for friends’ birthdays. And it wasn’t so much that the poetry came through me, it’s just that I loved writing things down that meant something to other people. That’s when the love for songwriting became a part of my life. What was the first song you wrote? The first song I wrote was called “Tracy”. I started writing it when I was 14 and fin- What style would you say is your music written in? I was influenced by the 60’s, because that’s when I grew up. My songs are kind of a Beatles and Neil Diamond mix. There are no cuss words and I like to get a message through. I like my words to carry a clear message. Do you have a regular gig? Right now, I sing regularly at my church. I lead the music for the men’s bible study. But, I’ll sing anywhere: birthdays, weddings, funerals, or just in the park. a song that praises You”. Within twenty minutes I had the music and the lyrics. God is good. Since then, I’ve also been writing Christian songs. What are your short-term goals? Right now, I plan on getting some musicians together and playing different venues. Unfortunately, a lot of the guys I know have kids, are soccer dads and can’t really commit to regular gigs. So really, I’m starting from scratch. If I have to, I’ll go it alone. Ideally, I’d love to pick up a singer and a percussionist. Where do you see this in the long term? I would love to hear my songs being performed by other artists as well. I would also love to be under contract a year from now. I think God has his plan for me. If I were to earn a lot of money for my music, I know many people that need help. What would you say to young musicians? If it’s your passion, then go for it. It’s not as easy as it may seem, but if you love it more than the battle that will wear you down, you have to pursue it. Back to the girl that started it all, are you still in touch with Joanna? Yes, I actually sang the song for her and her daughter, and they ended up in tears. She asked if it was about her and I told her “Yes, this is your song”. She has a great husband, I love him dearly. So, I couldn’t have asked for the relationship to have gone any better because we are best friends now. What has kept you going? My love for singing to people; through the grace of God, who gave me the ability to play guitar, and inspiration for my songs. One day I thought, “You know Lord, I haven’t written a song to praise You, and I would like to write Take the first step to changing your life today! 866-483-1769 Dental Assisting • Healthcare Administration • Health Information Technology Medical Assistant • Pharmacy Technician • Business Management and Technology • Accounting Computer Science • Computerized Accounting • Criminal Justice • Paralegal Studies 26 AMERICAN LATINO MAGAZINE • BRINGING PEOPLE, BUSINESS AND CULTURE TOGETHER LATINOSONLINE.COM LATINOSONLINE.COM BRINGING PEOPLE, BUSINESS AND CULTURE TOGETHER • AMERICAN LATINO MAGAZINE 27