American Latino Magazine May 2013 - Page 6

3 Branding Tips For Success Paying It Forward Sharing The Wisdom “Nothing is more permanent than change.  Begin your change at Oxnard College, where the future begins with education.”   Carmen Guerrero 1. Awesome Customer Service How many times have you called customer support on a product and got frustrated? You need to learn from those experiences and apply the best customer service to your audience. Don’t fake it. People will remember your brand and service whether your customer service was good or bad... you decide! It’s never about price, it’s about the value you portray to your audience. At Expo Marketing, we’re not here to save people money, we’re here to make people more profitable. Our prices are fair because we need to be profitable and because of that we can provide the best customer service. Cheap prices usually dictate inferior service. We attract over 1,500 raving fans in 4 hours to some of our events because we’ve provided the best possible customer experience to all our vendors. As a result, our vendors help to promote our events. We all work together! "Be prepared. Learn as much as you can in anything you are doing, because you never know when it might be useful." Dr. Adolfo Murillo Optometrist and producer of Alquimia Organic Tequila K E Y Knowledge Empowers You 2. Be Elusive Not Exclusive, Think Outside The Box Be stealthy and create curiosity. At a recent Contacts and Coffee breakfast networking in Ventura, California, members are given 30 seconds to pitch the group. Debbie Echeverria pitched the audience on her company called “Your Business Support” and finished with “If you’re wondering why I’m wearing a cape, visit my website and watch my video.” Two things happened here. She creatively created the curiosity to drive traffic to her website, but she also asked them to watch her video which could get her valuable back links, higher page ranking on bot h YouTube and Google let alone go viral. “Never Give Up Your Dreams and always work to achieve it.” Carolyn D’Angelo Gems & Glitter 3. ABN - Always Be Networking Everyday and night there is some sort of business networking event in our community. Breakfast/coffee meetings are a great way to get your day started and evening meetings are a great way to share your day with other like minded business owners and home networkers. TIP: Don’t confuse effort with results and don’t be annoying. Just show up and be yourself so people know who they’ll be dealing with. You bring value to the table when you’re honest even if your business is struggling. Everyone there has done good and bad in their businesses. You can’t get this type of education from a Fortune 500 company. You can only get it from people just like you that are pursuing the American Dream of becoming financially independent. “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.” Jeannette Benitez “Happiness is a decision, NOT a feeling.” Rosie Wilcox The only way to fail is to quit!