American Latino Magazine May 2013 - Page 21

A Business With Mission each year and sets up temporary clinics, which in a typical week will treat over 1500 patients. By providing medical care to the poor and hurting in Sierra Leone, one of the poorest countries in the world, people are made well, families are made whole and lives are saved. One team, 25 people, three churches, two continents, thousands of lives. This year West Africa Community Missions is adding a different component to the trip. A separate part of the team will be doing a construction project at a church that floods when it rains; and in Sierra Leone it rains a lot. It is one of the rainiest countries in the world with nearly 100 inches of rain falling during their six-month rainy season. The auxiliary team will be constructing block walls and gutters, and installing a drainage system to reroute water away from the church building. To assist the team and lead the construction project two friends from San Vicente in Baja, California will accompany the team to Africa. So, when you experience the aroma and flavor that only fresh coffee can bring your enjoyment is sure to reach new heights. But more importantly, you will know that with every purchase of Ventura Coffee you are actually helping to make the world a better place. For more information please visit: Is your child frustrated with Math? T he Ventura Coffee Company had its beginning in 2006 when Tim Weir started a new hobby and began experimenting with different ways to roast different varieties of coffee beans. Today, Ventura Coffee is supplying local Ventura residents, businesses and restaurants with the freshest coffee available. Delivery is free in Ventura, and a subscription service is available that ensures customers will always have fresh coffee. The coffee, including the San Buenaventra decaf, is exclusively organic and is fair trade. The decaf is Swiss Water Processed, which is a natural process that is free of chemicals. Ventura Coffee’s mission - a better world through fresher coffee - extends half-way around the globe to improve the lives of people living in poverty. We have committed our resources and share our profits to buy malaria medicine for Dr. Kevin White, a local Pediatrician who provides medical care to children (and their families) in Sierra Leone, Africa. Through his organization called West Africa Community Missions he organizes two trips I have a proven track record to get those math grades up, and have been tutoring children in math for over 20 years. Call me for a free consultation: 805-551-5057 Larry English Mr. Math ALEXANDER’S #1 V o3tYeadrs I!n e V e n tu ra C o u n ty S ta r a Row $26.95 Adults • $23.95 Seniors • $17.95 Children Ages 5-12 Seafood Station • Salad Bar Station • Carving Station • Hot Dishes Assorted Nibblers Station • Omelet Station • Waffle Station Banana & Strawberry Foster Dessert Station Forster Desert Sunday Champagne Brunch 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Ventura Harbor Resort 1050 Schooner Drive Ventura, California LATINOSONLINE.COM 21 AMERICAN LATINO MAGAZINE • BRINGING PEOPLE, BUSINESS AND CULTURE TOGETHER