American Latino Magazine May 2013 - Page 14

Tequila Corner M any of us have experiences with Tequila, but perhaps, what we remember is something that reminds us of the old college days. The memory alone is one that tends to keep us away from Tequila! Unfortunately, the reason we have not so pleasant memories has to do with the drinking of mixing Tequila, or more simply put, a cheap Tequila! I believe I am not alone in saying that the mere smell of cheap Tequila makes my stomach turn with some bad memories caused by the spirit of the Aztec Gods. My goal today is to educate people about this truly amazing beverage. Not only awakening your interest in the rich history of Tequila, but also giving you brand new memories that you will actually WANT to remember and enjoy over and over again. With so many Tequilas on the market today, what should you look for in a premium Tequila? First and foremost, start with 100% Tequila de Agave, accept nothing less! In my opinion the Triple Distilled Tequilas are a great start and a gentle re-introduction to the world of Tequilas. If you are wondering why, the answer is rather simple: The Tequila tends to be much smoother as most of the harsh elements are removed in the third distillation. This will allow you to ease into the Tequila world and give you the opportunity to be more adventurous with some of the other Tequilas you try in the future. There are many Tequilas to choose from. You have varieties that come from the Volcanic Soils in the town of Tequila or Amatitan. This area is also known as the Lowlands. These Tequilas tend to have a deeper, more complex flavor due to the richness of the volcanic soil. You also have the option of Tequilas that come from Aranndas or the surrounding regions known as the Highlands which tend to be on the sweeter side. Tequila has so many varieties and profiles to choose from that you can honestly have a terrific time exploring and finding your favorite. Just like a fine wine, I recommend you start by drinking Tequila NEAT (Room Temperature in a Wine Glass). This will allow you to truly get the taste profiles and find the taste that pleases your palate. A bit of advice: Don’t be fooled by the fancy bottles, while they look nice, they do not always equate to a better product. Once you have found your favorite Tequila, you can start to explore with the creation of cocktails and pairing with foods. I personally truly love my tequila NEAT and highly encourage everyone to drink it that way. However, the honest truth is that when you start with a superior product it is V7F6VRrR6VBWvF7WW&"66FRW7BfRFW&RƖR"6BV6RFB2ǒVVFVBf"W72F&V֗V&GV7G0W""FvRv72"FWVv72fB6Bv722FR&GV7BvBVWBRv֗72FR6WGb&f'2"7v&FR6FVG2FRv7226RFR&bFRv72266RFW"6R2R6BFR6ƖvB6B7v&BW"WFRvBfWr6V6G2B&WVBFR7FW2vBFWVƖRvB7FV&WV&W26V6rࠤƖR&V֗VFWV26VBg&&vRFWV"vRv72ࠤ6Bv726V6&6WB77VRf"&Rg&FWVWW'G2g&&VBFRv&BFR&W7BvFV6rFWVƖR"6BV6RFB2ǒVVFVBf"W72F&V֗V&GV7G2W""FvRv72"FWVv72fB6Bv722FR&GV7BvBVWBRv֗72FR6WGbff'26V6W&vRRFvWBfGW&W&F"F&VǒV6RW"FWV2"7&Bf"FBGFW""7v&FR6FVG2FRv72BBFRFWVR6VB6VRfW'6V6FƗVBFBvf'6"&6VBf&WFf"FRV&2BFRƖRvW&RFRƗVBW26F7BvFv72BFPD4ĔR4Р@U$4DtR( "%$trTR%U4U52B5TEU$RDtUDU