American Ethanol Summer 2017 - Page 18

Need for Speed Fueled by Ethanol AN aptitude for mechanics and a knack for problem-solving—two signature characteristics that have spelled success for Don Onken and the Onken family, both in business and in the highly competitive arena of powerboat racing. Onken grew up on a farm near Easton, Illinois. Always handy, after graduating from high school, he went to work as a mechanic and welder. He served in the Army from 1963 to 1965, and, after returning home, went to work for National Byproducts, ultimately becoming the fleet manager. It was there that inspiration first struck. “They picked up restaurant grease, and it had reached the point where they could not afford to run the routes with barre [[[ܙK8'Hۚ[X[Y 'H\YۙY[Z[HX[۝Z[\\[H][YۙHXHܚو]KH]HYY Z[] [] 'B]\H\وۚ[[ܜܘ]Y Xܙ][HXY[X[YX\\وܙX\BXX[۝Z[\[Z[\ˈۚ[[]\YHH[Z[\ܝ[]H[[[\XX[ۘBYZ[XZ[HXY\[]X\][BNNH\YK[ۙš[ݘ]܈XYBH]XZ[Z[Y[[Y\[ MK [ۜقXXXH[]و[[XXYZ˂YY[Bۚ[&\YX[X[\]YH\[^\YBYY\ۙ[ 8'YܙHHH\[\œ\Y x&Y[[^Hܚ[[[Y[HZ[[XH\8'Hۚ[ZY 8']]BYH\X[HY][Y\و^\Y[H[ۙK]8&\\HHX\Y[ܚY8)[^HY&] H[\X[HY\H]H]\^H[˸'B\X[[XYH[H\XYœX[\]ˈHXYY]BܙX]Z\Y[ۈ[[ NNM[HYXY[[[Z[YY\YK8'^HYHZYH[ۛB[ZY[\Y\] 8'Hۚ[ZY 8'B\Y[[HZHوHޘ\] 'BۘHYZ[Xۚ^[[ܝ[]HZHB[[XZH]]\ۚ[Y[Y[[š\\]]N H[ Lˈ8']H[[KX[[H][ܙH[] X[]\[ܙH\8'HH^Z[Y 8'܈]\BLYܙY\وX][H[ZH] [H][\ L ܜ\\]8&\H\HYHY[ SQTPSUSHPQVS