American Ethanol Summer 2017 - Page 16

(continued from previous page) and excellent transportation system, and the role U.S. agriculture plays in fostering that.” As Texas residents, the McCrackens live in the heart of big oil country. That doesn’t hinder her efforts to promote ethanol, and her advocacy starts at home. Although her family of four often travels together, McCracken and her husband, Michael, take a trip together each year. “We try to pick a destination that is special, a bit adventurous, and somewhere we’ve never been before. Then we fill the trip with fun activities.” Their favorite destination? McCracken could only narrow it to two … and wanted to include a third: “The Galapagos Islands for the wildlife. We swam with penguins, iguanas, and sea turtles, saw sharks and tons of different bird species, and met some very friendly sea lions. The other was Greece. We went island hopping there, enjoyed perfect weather, and experienced so much culture and such great, friendly people.” “My family and friends all think I have a cool job, and I get to share what I do and be a voice for the importance of ethanol,” she noted. “My technical knowledge of ethanol allows me to educate my daughters, Courtney and Katelyn, as well as others, on how it is safe and good for the environment. Our transportation here in the U.S. is very affordable, and that’s only because we’re able to maintain our energy security … and ethanol is a part of that. “It’s important that my kids have clean energy, a clean environment, and energy security for their lifetime,” McCracken concluded. “I want them to have access to affordable energy and the same benefits we enjoy.” 16 AMERICAN ETHANOL THE MAGAZINE