American Ethanol Summer 2017 - Page 15

McCracken serves as the North America sales leader for fuel ethanol. McCracken noted that her greatest personal challenge is managing the demands of a dual-income family. Both she and husband Michael hold high-level management positions, so they work together to make career and family work. “Although both of us have made compromises along the way, we’ve both been able to have extremely successful careers as we’ve supported each other in reaching our goals.” issue. I saw him very animated and filled with passion, and that brought engineering into the real world for me.” The Women in Engineering program at Purdue University offered a strong support system and brought further focus to her educational goals. McCracken earned a degree in Agricultural and Biological Engineering with a focus in Food Processing and went to work in a corn milling plant that produced high-fructose corn syrup. “That’s where I was introduced to the corn milling process,” McCracken said. Professional globe trotter As a global key account manager, McCracken has traveled to Turkey, Hungary, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico. On a personal level, she and husband Michael have also traveled extensively. “It is always very interesting to learn about the cultures as I travel,” she said. “What’s the housing market like, how do they generate their income, how do they pay for their fuel? Wherever we go, you see the common threads of agriculture, energy, and tourism woven through the economy. It makes me thankful for our strong economy (continued next page) Her work at the milling plant drew the attention of one of her suppliers, DuPont, and the company hired her as a technical service representative. McCracken visited customers and helped them with their technical challenges, forging strong relationships in the process. Thus, it was a natural transition for her to move into sales. “I loved working with customers, and what started as a U.S. role gradually moved into a global role,” she explained. Currently, SUMMER 2017 15