American Ethanol Summer 2017 - Page 10

Fighting for Her Family Ethanol connects this MMA pioneer to her heartland roots What began as an outlet for a brand-new mother and full-time student turned into a life-changing career path for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Cat Zingano. “I was up to my neck in responsibility and needed a physical outlet,” she recalled. “That led me to jujitsu, which then led me to MMA. To be able to hit pads and play the mind chess of me against another strong individual gave me an outlet and the tools to be a better parent, as well.” As the first mom to compete in the UFC, Zingano keenly feels the different worlds she inhabits. “As a fighter, I’m doing what I can to break somebody’s wi [X][H\X[H[Y[[K8'HB]Y 8'\H[\x&[HZ[ܛYXB\X[H[Y[[K\\H[\H܂[K][Y\]\\H\Y[X\\Y[[]H[YH[YK\XX[H\B[H'BH\و[Z[B\ۙHX\ۈB\XX]\B\ܝوܛ[\K8'HZHZ\ZY\8'HZY[[H[Z[B\HZ[\K'ZY\\\\B^H]ܚ]H[BH\[8%BZ[\ [SPHY\][[\X\]HU\B]H[Z\\܈][\&H\\[KH\˜\[[[XK \\HوZ\ٙ\\YۊB[\K][H\ܝوܛ[\H[]8&\x&HY[[\X[H[YYHY[HZ[[[\ˈZ\[Yܚ]H[\›ۈX[Y[[H]\Hو\[]ܛ[›YK]XZ\YHY[X]H\[ܙ\^H\HXZ[ۈH[\ۛY[ 'BSPH\[YHܛوܝ[]H܂[[H[ۙY\܈Y[[Hܝ œ\X\]Y[HXۙY[&\X][Qš\ܞK8'HX\ۈH]HHXH[][ۈB]H\X]\HHY]YHH[[YZ[HܘZ[و]Y[\H8&\Y˜H[8&x'HH\Y [ۙ]X\]HYHYۚYX[\ۘ[[[\H[\Y\HX]و\\ؘ[ X]\X[ˈ[[\\][H\YY[K[]]YH\]H[\ۋ^Y[8'H۸&][YH][X[ H[Y[^HX[\[܈^H[[X]H\ BۛH^HH[[][X]H]]^Hۈ\œ[HY^HX[ۜ˸'B[[\U8&\[[܋ ][[ LSQTPSUSHPQVS