American Ethanol Spring 2017 - Page 23

Multiply your productivity... naturally! BetaTec ® natural hop extracts are the perfect formula for healthy ethanol profi ts. They work in your fermentation system to replace chemical antibiotics and enhance yeast propagation. IsoStab ® is the natural way to eff ectively control gram-positive bacteria, while eliminating antibiotics and harsh chemicals. And your DDGs will be antibiotic free! VitaHop ® Silver yeast nutrient enhances yeast performance and vitality, inducing faster fermentations and larger yields. It all adds up to healthier profi ts. Let us demonstrate how BetaTec’s fermentation expertise and naturally-derived technologies can maximize your productivity…naturally. To learn more, visit Follow us on 5185 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 300 Washington, DC 20016-3341 T: 202-777-4827 F: 202-777-4895