American Ethanol Spring 2017 - Page 12

Downtown Raleigh street where the air monitoring device picked up pollution in the air. (continued from previous page) Making the exhibit even more meaningful beyond the revealing display of lights, industry representatives were on hand nearly ev- ery night to share information about air quality and clean transpor- tation options, including ethanol. PARTICLE FALLS let people see for themselves just how clean or dirty their air is by engaging its viewers through emotion and aesthetics, instead of just data. Growth Energy was pleased to offer support and applauds this fresh approach to raise awareness about air pollution. We encourage people to choose cleaner-burn- ing biofuels like ethanol. Above: The air-monitoring device that captured air pollution in real time. Below: Novozymes’ Paige Donnelly (left), Heather Brutz with NC Clean Technology Center, Artist Andrea Polli (center), John Donalds, and Eric Geusz, both Polli’s technicians. Breathe Easier With These Simple Changes Concerned about the air you’re breathing? The PARTICLE FALLS exhibit shows you have the power to contribute to cleaner air. When possible, walk, bicycle, or take the bus more often. When you’re driving, fill up with E15 (a cleaner- burning, renewable biofuel that contains 15 percent ethanol) to reduce the amount of harmful emissions. On average, ethanol reduces greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 110 million metric tons every year. That’s like taking 20 million cars off the road. Ethanol also replaces toxic fuel additives that have been proven to cause cancer, asthma, groundwater contamination, and smog. 12 AMERICAN ETHANOL THE MAGAZINE