American Ethanol Spring 2017 - Page 11

Seeing Is Believing Lighted artwork reveals invisible air pollution in real time [NOTE to art director: Layout headline, photos and sidebar copy and Greek-in a block of copy for the client to write to finish this off. It is two pages.] Earth Day — Saturday, April 22 — saw the culmination of PARTICLE FALLS, a truly dynamic public art display designed by artist/scientist Andrea Polli and sponsored by the North Carolina Clean Energy Tech- nology Center, in conjunction with Growth Energy and other organizations. PARTICLE FALLS highlighted the invisible dangers of air pollution in real time. Begin- ning each evening at dusk from March 24 to April 22, an air-monitoring device and specialized computer software guided a waterfall-like projection of aqua-colored vertical lines onto the five-story Empire Properties Building in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. As various forms of particle pollution — in- visible to the human eye — came in touch with the unique exhibit, the projection was infused with brilliant specks of light. The more dots and colors visible, the more pollution in the air. PARTICLE FALLS made it hard to ignore how the fuels used to power our vehi- cles impact our environment. The display appeared much different when a diesel- powered truck or gas-powered car drove by, compared to a passing bicycle. In addition, wind patterns generated unex- pected real-time changes in the PARTICLE FALLS display,