American Ethanol Fall 2017 - Page 8

A Need for Certainty Industry representatives engage Washington at annual Biofuels Summit More than 150 leaders from almost every biofuel-producing state in the United States attended Growth Energy’s Biofuels Summit, the association’s annual advocacy conference in Washington, D.C., which was held September 11-14, 2017. Biofuel industry members had 240 meetings with congressional representatives and their staffs to urge support for protecting the Renewable Fuel Standard’s (RFS) renewable volume obligations for 2018. Growth Energy once again encouraged representatives to approve a legislative fix for the Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) restriction that places barriers on consumers’ fuel choices during summer months. Growth Energy representatives also voiced their concerns about the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) apparent backpedaling on advanced biofuels and cellulosic biofuel production, recommending targets lower than those finalized in 2017. “The industry According to the needs to have certainty about EPA, by 2022 the blending targets,” said Emily Skor, Renewable Fuel Standard CEO of Growth Energy. “It’s critical will reduce carbon to our progress.” 1 pollution by 138 metric tons. Biofuel industry representatives reiterated the facts that the RFS is lowering the country’s dependence on foreign oil, improving air quality, and providing consumers with more affordable fuel options that also are good for engine performance. 2 How was the message received? “We had mostly positive feedback,” Skor said. “We will continue to communicate with our members this fall and gather input from them about their meetings with congressional members and staffs.” 8 AMERICAN ETHANOL THE MAGAZINE