American Ethanol Fall 2017 - Page 17

FACT: 700 stations in 29 states sell E15. Find the nearest one at E15 Helps Keep Kwik Trip Customers Satisfied “We’re always trying to provide value and options to our customers, and [E15] is a good opportunity to do that with our fuel products.” That’s Joel Hirschboeck, general manager of fuel procurement and marketing for Kwik Trip, describing the company’s decision to introduce E15 in its convenience stores. “We’re trying to add value by having a higher-octane, lower-cost fuel that the consumer can choose.” The Wisconsin-based company began the introduction of E15, branded as Unleaded 88, in February of this year, and the rollout has been rapid. “We’re already in almost 200 stores, with the goal of having the product in as many of our stores as possible,” Hirschboeck says. “Every new store we build will offer Unleaded 88.” With more than 400 locations in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota, the company has earned a reputation for quality and value, and enjoyed steady expansion since it was founded in 1965. Kwik Trip has long been a leader in providing innovative ethanol alternatives to its customers, having introduced E85 at several stores 20 years ago. Hirschboeck notes that the response to E15 has met expectations, and he is optimistic about the future of the fuel at Kwik Trip. “We haven’t yet put a real marketing effort behind it,” Hirschboeck states. “As we get into more stores and a wider footprint, we’ll expand communication and marketing of the product to our customers. We anticipate seeing E15 grow as a percentage of our sales.” “We’re always trying to provide value and options to our customers.” Every new Kwik Trip store built will offer E15, branded as Unleaded 88. FALL 2017 17