American Ethanol Fall 2017 - Page 14

On a Roll with E85 I f you’re ever in Las Vegas and a blue 2016 Volkswagen Golf pulls up, keep looking straight ahead. It could be Anthony Taylor. That Golf carries Taylor to his daily job as a waiter at Joel Robuchon’s restaurant in the MGM Grand, and he can get there in a hurry. The unassuming commuter vehicle packs 700 HP and reaches 60 mph in 2.2 seconds. Makes you wonder what he drives for fun, right? Wonder no more. One of the latest members of the racing community to receive American Ethanol sponsorship, Taylor drives a Lamborghini Gallardo pushing 2,200 HP and fueled with E85. While it’s street legal, the street is not where you’ll usually find Taylor’s regal ride. Taylor is one of the rising stars in the rapidly growing sport of roll racing. Born on the street, roll racing has 14 AMERICAN ETHANOL THE MAGAZINE