AMD Directory AMD Directory 2017/2018 8th Edition - Page 21

BUILDER BOOK LISTING Based on the data originally built for the acclaimed AMD 'Builder Book' this updated listing will now appear as a special section of the International Aftermarket Directory. The full details for these businesses appear in the Full Industry Listing (Section 4). 21 SECTION 3 BUILDER BOOK LISTING PAGES 22-26 Whilst every care has been taken in compiling this information, there may well be some errors and omissions, for which we apologize. We thank the manufacturers, distributors and Custom bike builders who have helped to compile this cross-reference, but not all firms contacted responded with the required information, and there are often interpretative decisions to be made that can make allocation of firms to the appropriate sections difficult. If you see sections where you would like to see your company listed, or have a new listing that you would like included, send an email with details as appropriate to AMD AFTERMARKET DIRECTORY 2017/2018