AMD Directory AMD Directory 2017/2018 8th Edition - Page 177

PRODUCT GROUP LISTING 177 SECTION 5 A comprehensive product group cross-reference for as many as possible of the firms listed in the ‘main listing’ section. PRODUCT GROUP LISTING PAGES 178-225 This product cross-reference is not designed as a substitute for distributor or manufacturer catalogs, which without doubt are the best source of product information in the v-twin aftermarket. However, these pages are designed to provide a general guide to major manufacturers’ and distributors’ specialties, and a specific guide to smaller and specialist suppliers’ lines. If nothing else, it will help you to build a list of catalogs you should try to obtain. Whilst every care has been taken in compiling this information, there may well be some errors and omissions, for which we apologize. We thank the manufacturers and distributors concerned for their help in compiling this cross-reference, but not all firms contacted responded with the required information, and there are often interpretative decisions made that can make allocation of firms to the appropriate sections difficult. If you see sections where you would like to see your company listed, or have a new listing that you would like included, send an email with details as appropriate to AMD AFTERMARKET DIRECTORY 2017/2018