AmCham Macedonia Winter 2018 (Issue 56) - Page 7

Interview Winter 2018 / Issue 56 their communities. The opportunity to bring that experience to a lead- ership position in my own country was one I simply could not pass on. I am a fierce advocate for responsible business and social progress and I am bringing those convictions to the job. I believe that a society cannot achieve prosperity unless all parts of it are lifted up and supported to reach their full potential. Society is not com- prised of institutions and systems, society is comprised of people and I will utilize my position to try to make life better and easier for everybody. ACM: Having lived in several different countries, what in your experience can we as a busi- ness community learn from other countries? An important thing we can learn from other countries is that we do not have a monopoly on issues and prob- lems. Problems abound throughout the world. Us Macedonians are very fond of saying “This can only happen in Macedonia” but that is so far from the truth. I’ve seen far worse prob- lems and crises, such as the Russian incursion into Ukraine and the military coup in Thailand. In both situations businesses did not take it as the end of the world but continued to do their best under the circumstances. I think our business community needs to learn resilience and to remain nimble and flexible so they can adapt to changing circumstances. Another important thing that we could learn both as a business community and as a society is to remain optimistic in the face of pro- longed hardship and to take per- sonal responsibility and be agents of change. Change will not be delivered to us, we will have to make it happen ourselves, each and every one of us. It will not happen overnight and it will not be easy, but we need to under- stand that small changes add up to big impact and that incremental change is usually longer-lasting than sudden shifts. ACM: Since you are familiar with the history and the mission of our organization, what plans do you have to move AmCham forward? I am immensely grateful to Michelle Osmanli, AmCham’s previous Exec- utive Director, for leaving me with a stable and sustainable organization ready for growth and an incredible team who really know what they are doing and who produce the work of a team five times that size. Under my leadership AmCham Macedonia will continue to be the voice of the business community in Macedonia and a partner to the government in creating policies that improve the business environment and spur economic growth. I will also be working with the civil society sec- tor on creating coalitions for projects that benefit the people of Macedonia. As I firmly believe in doing business responsibly, I will work to encourage and promote our members’ Corpo- rate Social Responsibility practices. The Chamber’s day-to-day activities will be directed by our members’ needs and interests, as always. ACM: What do you anticipate will be your greatest challenges and what are you most look- ing forward to upon taking the position? I do not anticipate any major challenges. The organization is in a solid shape, I have the support and know-how of our team and Board of Directors to lean on, and our mem- bers are interested and engaged. I am really looking forward to meeting as many of our members as possi- ble as soon as I arrive and creating and implementing our work plan for 2018. On a personal level, I look forward to exploring the beauty of Macedonia, down to the very last village and mountain stream, renew- ing old friendships and creating new ones, and indulging in the delicious Macedonian food that I have missed so much (burek forever!). New Member Highlight Gentherm Macedonia is the 2nd production facility in Europe that is part of Gentherm Corporation, with headquarters located in Northville, MI, USA. Macedonian facility currently is producing seat, steering wheel and interior heaters, cable systems, bat- tery thermal management products, thermo-electric devices and blowers for automotive industry. Gentherm Macedonia has already invested more than EUR 33 mil, with over 1.250 employees. The company is finalizing the latest expansion of the facility, reaching a total area of more than 22.000 m2. Gentherm (THRM) is the global market leader and developer of inno- vative thermal management technol- ogies for a broad range of heating and cooling and temperature con- trol applications. Gentherm has over 13.000 employees in their facilities in the United States, Germany, Can- ada, China, Hungary, Japan, Korea, Macedonia, Malta, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ukraine and Vietnam. AmCham Macedonia Magazine 7