AmCham Macedonia Winter 2018 (Issue 56) - Page 6

Interview Winter 2018 / Issue 56 “We Have to Make Change  Happen Ourselves” Interview with the newly-appointed AmCham Macedonia Executive Director, Dijana Despodov. She is an experienced external relations professional with strong communi- cation, partnership building, and advocacy skills. Her significant background in sustain- ability and CSR and international experience at high-level government, non-profit, and corporate levels will be a huge asset to our organization ACM: First of all, hearty con- gratulations on your appoint- ment as AmCham Macedonia’s Executive Director. Tell us a bit about your background. Thank you, I am delighted to join the AmCham Macedonia team and excited to meet and work with our members and stakeholders. I come to AmCham Macedonia from AMCHAM Thailand, where I was Communications Director for three and a half years. AMCHAM Thailand is a big chamber with 600+ company members and 250+ events a year and it gave me a solid understanding of the prin- ci W2v2BW"v&w0bf&Vv'W6W726&W'2&"FFBv2v&rFPv&B&( 27V&FFp'W6W72&W'BǗr@&V6&rFRV6RbFp'W6W726WFV7BWW&R'W76BvW&6fPWFV6fR&6w&VBFPFWfVVB6V7F"vFFW&ЧFFWfVVB&v旦F07V62$UBFRFVFvVBf"FV7&7&6V@FRVFVB7FFW2v2&&B&6VB6VF'WBfP&VVWG&FRf"V'0BfRƗfVBBv&VBffPFffW&VB6VG&W2F&VBF&R&6RB6FvW&R6VffV7B6FfR6vPF6VF( 2'W6W72@66Vf&VB`66VFvPFFW7FbWV7WFfRF&V7F"66VF4ӢvBGG&7FVBRFFRWV7WFfRF&V7F"6ЧFvBFW2&VrVFW"BGf6FRf"FP6VGVFSגWW&V6RB4FBFVvBR&WBFRG&RЦVFW27Bf&Vv6&W'26fR&frFP'W6W72Vf&VBBV6W&vr'W6W76W2FfW7B