AmCham Macedonia Winter 2018 (Issue 56) - Page 23

Winter 2018 / Issue 56 AmCham News & Events Banka Societe Generale, Inbox Archive & Data Center, Nova Inter- national Schools, IMB Mlekara Bitola, Roche,  Pricewaterhouse- Coopers,  Polenak Law Firm, Tikves Winery,  Kemet Electron- ics, Halk Bank, Tinex MT,  Komer- cijalna Banka and Wabtec MZT. We are grateful to all of them for their support. This year’s Thanksgiving fund- raiser was in support of the cre- ation of the first Sensory Garden in Macedonia that will serve the students and teachers at Sko- pje’s Dimitar Vlahov School for the Sight Impaired. The garden will be an outdoor classroom where small groups of students work with teachers to develop their senses to the best of their ability. It will also be built with sustainability in mind, minimizing the burden on the school’s existing staff, infra- structure, and budget. AmCham Macedonia Magazine 23