AmCham Macedonia Winter 2018 (Issue 56) - Page 20

Analysis Winter 2018 / Issue 56 Education models and how to tell if they are a good fit for your child Parents of children in the same class can often hold vastly differ- ent expectations of what good education looks like. Frequently cited work by Robert Garmston on dominant educational beliefs says that our expectations are shaped by one or several of the following systems: Social reconstructionism – the belief that teachers should primar- ily help future citizens take good care of the world; Academic ratio- nalism – the belief that teachers should primarily transfer knowl- edge; Technologist – the belief that teachers should chunk learning into measurable standards, gather specific data, give a diagnosis and prescribe next steps; Self-actual- ization – the belief that teachers should primarily nurture the unique qualities, potentials and creativities of each child; Cognitive process – the belief that ѕ́͡ձɤ)ɥ䁡Ց́ɸѼѡ)ɕͽɽͽٔ쁅)Í=ѡ䃊Lѡ)ѡЁѕ́͡ձɥɥ)ѕ܁՝ЁѼٕ)ɑѼѠ)%Ё͍݅́ѥȁѼ͕)ѡɑȁݡ䁍Օ̰)ݽɭչȁѡͅɽ)Ʌѡٔͥก$ȴ)ѡɕȁѼѡͅ)ѽѡȁݥѠɥȁѹȰ)ѼɅ͍́ѡ͔̰)ݥѡЁѡ䁅ɔЁՅ)፱ͥٔѡЁѡɔɔ)ɥȁ̸IЁɕѡ)ɕ̰ɥՍ)ѥɽͥ́ͼمѱ)مɥхѥ́ݡЁ)Սѥ́)5䁕Սѥ́ݽɱ)ݥɽ٥Ёȁѡ)́ٔ%ѥѼѡ() 55饹)Yѽȁ9مͭ)!9ل)%ѕɹѥM)M)Չ͍ѕѡɔɔѕɹѥٕ́Ս́Ё)ѕȁ͍̰Յѕɹѥ͍̰䁅)ɕͥѥ͍̰хɹ͍̰ɕ)͕́ձȁ̸͍Qɔɔͼѡ)͍̰ѕȁѡ]ɘ5ѕͽɤ%ѕɹѥ) ɕєIՍѥͽ̸