AmCham Macedonia Winter 2018 (Issue 56) - Page 19

Analysis Winter 2018 / Issue 56 The present solutions of the reg- ulator create confusion both for the employee and the employer. There- fore, an intervention in the regulations is needed since the payments of sal- aries are in collision when it comes in determining the most appropri- ate method of presenting the sal- ary within the employment contract (gross/net). In developing economies, like ours, it is important for the regula- tor to understand the challenges the business community is facing and endeavor to work together on solving them. The outdated solutions provided in the Labor Law and the Law on Pay- ment of Salaries in respect to the man- ner of calculation and presentation of the amount of monthly salary in the employment contract should be sub- ject to revision and further amend- ments in order to outline the current needs of regulating this matter and overcoming this challenge and thus the employers will have no further worries on the manner of presenta- tion and calculation of the employee’s salaries. 4% were related to improving custome r relationships The “Companies Giving Back in Macedonia” data- base maintained by AmCham Macedonia launched in June 2016. The online database contains informa- tion on corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs and projects carried out by companies in Macedonia since 2015. AmCham created this tool to highlight the positive and proactive role that many businesses play in Macedonian society. The database will also raise awareness of potential partners, help prevent effort duplication and facilitate best practices shar- ing between local companies, toward increasing the impact of their CSR efforts in the future. Companies Giving Back in Macedonia Database Facts and Figures ing t improv aimed a s re e w 4% e relationship employe jec pro tion e a h t of educ o % 11 lated t re ere ts w m -ter long iple e b ult to aim have m % r 46 jects o ition pro r trad yea 27% of project costs were published. 22% that involve a instit re mostl partners y Cross utions an educatio d the nal of M aced onia Red Pu be blic n the efic insti tim iari tuti e es i ons n 2 ar 4% e the of AmCham Macedonia Magazine 19