AmCham Macedonia Winter 2018 (Issue 56) - Page 18

Analysis Winter 2018 / Issue 56 Gross vs. Net Salary: The Challenge to Employers It is a well-known fact in busi- ness that people are your great- est asset. However, they can also be your biggest challenge. Many ambitious small, early-stage busi- ness owners, even corporate mid- and big- sized organizations are concerned with the same issue - the people they employ should perform exceptionally and contribute significantly to the success of the company, but it is vital that they feel incentivized and engaged. It is equally important for business to gain maximum value for the money they invest in their employees. Companies often face the dilemma of whether to define salaries in their gross or in their net amount, leading to the following question: “What is included in the Gross salary?” Employers should have the fol- lowing regulation in