AmCham Macedonia Winter 2014 (Issue 40) - Page 13

ANALYSIS drivers, we were able to develop a fast track construction method which met their requirements. Through this joint collaboration, we were able to open several sections of the Route 7 Motorway each year, since 2011, whilst still completing the overall project over a year ahead of schedule and without exceeding the planned budget. It is this track record of successfully completing difficult projects in collaboration with governments across the region and beyond that sets us apart from our competitors. Our successful tendering of the new motorway from Pristina to Macedonia can be attributed to this execution style and customer satisfaction level. were incorporated into the design from the beginning, preventing the need for installation at a later date. With the installation of service areas for functionality, and incorporation of toll plazas to implement at the most cost effective opportunity, Kosovo’s potential for revenue generation has grown. The project has contributed enormously to the local economy. The Kosovo motorway project team exceeded its contractual requirements for a minimum of 40% of the contract price to be spent on Kosovar resources. We also employed over 600 individual local subcontractors and at the height of construction were one of the largest employers in Kosovo. Over 70% of employees on the project – over 11,000 individuals – were Kosovars. All of these workers were trained and managed to the highest international safety and quality standards. Their experience will remain in Kosovo long after the motorway is complete and enable local communities to carry out similar work. EM: What differentiates Bechtel-Enka when bidding on large scale projects in this region? Who are the other major international construction players working here? Bechtel and Enka worked in partnership with the Government of Kosovo in order to understand their fundamental needs. Once we understood their main Emerging Macedonia Winter 2014 Issue 40 Bechtel and Enka have also built a reputation of working to the highest quality standards whilst not compromising on safety. We work to a Zero Accident philosophy and believe that given the correct planning and equipment, every accident is avoidable. We work with all of our employees every day to ensure that everyone goes home to their families in the same condition that they came to work. Bechtel is one of the largest construction companies in the world and hence we hold deep resources of expert engineers available to execute difficult projects. In addition to Bechtel and Enka’s own resources, our execution style focuses on hiring and training local engineers and experts. With local expertise and training, we can operate to international standards whilst simultaneously building local skills. EM: What is next for BEJV in the region? Bechtel and Enka have been awarded the preferred bidder status for the new Route 6 Motorway from Pristina to the Macedonian border. This means that we were ranked in first place with the highest technical score and the most competitive price, which has been confirmed by the Kosovo government’s Technical Evaluation Committee and Interministerial Committee. Bechtel and Enka are looking forward to continuing to work with the Kosovo government in building further essential infrastructure over the coming years. Staying in Kosovo also allows us to apply all the lessons learnt on Route 7 and build on the construction skills, which we have developed in the country over the last four years. 13