AmCham Macedonia Winter 2014 (Issue 40) - Page 12

ANALYSIS U.S.-Turkish Joint Venture Successfully Completes the Kosovo Motorway Project Interview with Chris Jennions, Project Director of the Kosovo Motorway Project and President of AmCham Kosovo’s Board of Governors EM: Tell us a bit about yourself and the BechtelEnka Joint Venture (BEJV) generally. I’m an engineer. That’s my passion, and that's what I studied at the University of Bath (England) and at Robert Gordon University (in Scotland). For the last two years I have been the Project Director for the Kosovo Motorway project, which is a joint venture being carried out by leading global engineering, project management and construction company, Bechtel and the Turkish construction company, Enka. I’ve been working for Bechtel for nine years now, and have built up my experience working on projects all over the world, in countries like Qatar, Japan, Panama and the USA. Before coming to Kosovo, I worked as a tunnel engineer and then as quality manager, on the Rreshen to Kalimash Motorway in Albania, which was another Bechtel-Enka Joint Venture project. Bechtel and Enka have worked together and successfully completed infrastructure projects across Europe and Asia for over 25 years. The team has completed more than 28,000 kilometers of highways, 100 tunnels, and 25 major bridge projects. This enduring relationship is testimony to our joint commitment to continue the successful delivery of projects on time and to budget offering the best technical solutions and best quality to our clients. 12 EM: Give us a sense of the impact of the BEJV’s Kosovo Motorway Project. Bec [[