AmCham Macedonia Summer 2018 (Issue 58) - Page 30

AmCham News & Events Summer 2018 / Issue 58 Summer 2018 / Issue 58 AMCHAM NEWS & EVENTS YOUNG PROFESSIONALS NETWORKING F ollowing the success of the first Young Pro- fessionals Network- ing Event and the requests for a repeat, on June 19th, AmCham Mace- donia organized the second Young Professionals Network- ing evening in Skopje. Over 40 young professionals from various companies, government institu- tions, international & civil organi- zations and the diplomatic corps attended this non-formal gather- ing and got the chance to learn about and become more involved with AmCham Macedonia, get to know their peers in the business community, thus expanding their personal and professional net- work. It was a perfect opportunity for the participants to share their personal experience, failures, successes, and lessons learned, while enjoying the lively atmo- sphere and great food of our gra- cious hosts, MAD F6V*b&"*FRWfVr66VFV@vF&ffRB琦GFVFVW2vVBRvF&W2F2FFRvVЦW&W27W'BbW"VЦ&W'<*V6Ff&6Rf*L*Vv*FRVvRGW&WB2&bFBvR6VB@vRv6FVRF&vЦ旦RVr&fW760WGv&rWfVG2f7W2ЦrFRW6֖p7F'2W"'W6W726ЦVG366VFvP66VFvP3