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Summer 2018 / Issue 58 Summer 2018 / Issue 58 Dear members, In the six months since I joined AmCham Macedonia my favorite part of the job has been visiting members and learning more about your operations, priorities and chal- lenges. One consistent challenge that everybody seems to share, from big production facilities to small service com- panies, is the lack of qualified staff. In order to address this challenge, we recently identi- fied Education, Innovation, and Employability as one of AmCham’s three priorities. To that end, we are developing programs and building partnerships in order to support the development of a qualified workforce, encourage en- trepreneurship, and foster innovation. In these pages you will read what some of our members and partner organizations are already doing in order to increase employability. The German Chamber is imple- menting a dual vocational education program based on the German model; UNICEF and the Fund for Innovation are inspiring young people to become innovative agents of change; Junior Achievement are instilling an entrepre- neurial mindset in high-school student; and YMCA Bitola is encouraging their campers to consider what it takes to succeed in the private sector and take action in that direc- tion, while our members Meloski Consulting and Univer- sity American College Skopje explain that education does not end with graduation. AmCham has already started developing programs in the direction of improving education, encouraging en- trepreneurship and increasing employability. One of these programs was the Executive Leadership Talk with UNICEF representative Benjamin Perks, who spoke about the private sector’s role in encouraging entrepreneurial thinking and developing skills among students from the youngest age. You can read about the event on page (28). This initiative will continue with a working meeting to discuss specific programs and ways to get involved. In other news, following the announcement about the possible introduction of progressive taxation of person- al income, AmCham and representatives of MASIT and Macedonia2025 met with Minister of Finance Tevdovski and presented the position and opinions of the private sector regarding the effects progressive taxation would have on the economy. You can read a summary of our po- sition on page (26). Other events we highlight in this edition are the meet- ing with the Directorate for the Protection of Personal Data to discuss the General Data Protection Regulation and Macedonia’s path to regulatory compliance, as well as the second Young Professionals Networking evening which again gathered a sizeable crowd. Read about Am- Cham’s past events on pages (25-31). Finally, I want to remind you that our General Assembly and Board Election are coming up in early October. We will soon send the Call for Nominations for new Board members so if you ever had an inclination to participate in providing direction for the Chamber keep an eye out for the Call and send us your application. Remember that it is your engagement as members that make AmCham dynamic, relevant, and effective. Dijana Despodov Executive Director AmCham Magazine is a quarterly publication of AmCham Macedonia. No reproduction of any materials published in AmCham magazine is permitted without the explicit written permission of AmCham Macedonia. The articles in the magazine express the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of AmCham Macedonia, its members, board of directors or staff. While AmCham Macedonia makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all published information, AmCham Macedonia is not responsible for errors or omissions. The magazine is available on our web site: EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Dijana Despodov • EDITOR: Elena Chekorova • COVER: Trajce Ilievski/APTIV DESIGN: Zoran Inadeski • ADVERTISING INQUIRIES: 2 AmCham Macedonia Magazine AmCham Macedonia Magazine 3