AmCham Macedonia Summer 2018 (Issue 58) - Page 18

Cover Story Summer 2018 / Issue 58 Summer 2018 / Issue 58 Cover Story Enhancing Higher Education Students’ Employability and Career Center Service Approach Employability and Global Competition One of the ways to achieve the goal of becoming a competitive, knowledge-based, and skill-oriented student is through innovative educa- tion, gaining soft skills, experiencing mobility, and making use of intern- ship and career opportunities. Theoretical concepts have shown that continuous growth has to be built upon innovation, diffusion, and adoption of new approaches in edu- cation, such as mobility and career advising services, which will con- tribute towards increasing students’ competitiveness, while meeting the challenges of the job market. In the context of global compe- tition, graduates’ employability is often seriously condensed by an excessively theoretical and/or con- tent-based training, which does not cater effectively to the development of transversal, personal and inter- personal skills (Fallows and Steven, 2000). Employability skills have become a pressing need for graduates and an increasingly complex issue in the context of a globalized society, in which education should enable peo- ple ‘to compete with the best in the world’ (NCIHE 1997: par. 1.11).  The definition of employability assumed in this article follows this broad concept, and it is best encap- sulated by M. Yorke and P. Knight (2006: 5) as ‘a set of achievements – skills, understandings and personal attributes – that make graduates more likely to gain employment and be successful in their chosen pro- fessions, which benefits themselves, the workforce, the community and the economy.’ 18 AmCham Macedonia Magazine UACS Career Center As a University, one of our main goals is to ensure that our students attain the right knowledge and skills that are required by their future employers. This goal, both noble and challenging, is the main reason why we have instilled various mechanisms within the academic programs and as academic support that bridge the gap between being a good student and being a good employee. Mainly, Univer- sity American College Skopje (UACS) invests in the devel- opment of the Career Center, whose mission is to support Author: the University by serving as a conduit between what stu- dents learn in the classroom and how it is applicable in Rahela Evtimova, practice. Chief Networking Officer The UACS Career Center inspires and supports students and Head of Career Center, to transition confidently beyond the University by creating University American College a dynamic space to gain clarity through their process of Skopje self-discovery. Through our services, we strive to create experiences that foster reflection on both actions and beliefs. Hereinafter, we hope to contribute towards enhanc- ing and broadening the sources of knowledge, the practical experience, and enriching the contribution of students to society. We also challenge ourselves in order to cultivate an open and accepting learning environment. Career development is a journey, and we offer one-on- one assistance to help our students achieve career suc- cess. In order to accomplish our mission and guide the students in this process, we provide the following services: Career decision-making - the Head of the Career Cen- ter provides career counseling and guidance to students, while taking into consideration their personal skills, values, abilities, and interests. The process is performed by using career evaluating tools the results of which either suggest possible career options or help students find the most suit- able options, catered to their personal characteristics. Providing internship opportunities for each student – depending on the School they study at and their area of study, there are different internship possibilities provided to each student. By establishing an efficient and effec- tive communication with companies, organizations, and governmental bodies, the UACS career center is working towards providing quality internship opportunities for the students from each School: School of Business Econom- ics and Management; School of Architecture and Design; School of Computer Science and Information Technology; School of Political Science, BA in 76w66`f&VvwVvW3B66br66VFvP