AmCham Macedonia Summer 2018 (Issue 58) - Page 14

COVER STORY Summer 2018 / Issue 58 Summer 2018 / Issue 58 COVER STORY concretely how to take ownership of the things they learned in the GLOW and YMLP programs, and transform into meaningful actions outside of camp. Veneta’s insight was compli- mented by Nick Shirley from Central Asia Metals (owners of Sasa Mine) who spoke about the potential of Macedonian business on an interna- tional level. For the third year in a row, gold level sponsor Okta was represented at both camps by the CEO Ioannis Geroulanos, speaking about how campers as future members of the workforce can make themselves stand out to employers, follow a career path that balances their per- sonal strengths with the reality of the job market, and why it’s import- ant in life to fail, but never fail twice in the same way. George Topsis, the Commercial Director at Okta, spoke to campers about pursuing your career goals through the lens of phi- losophy. It was clear that both topics were highly regarded and inspiring to campers based on the questions, comments, and engagement from the campers. The GLOW and YMLP Youth Employability Curriculums and the Employability Fair will continue to be organized. Ultimately, the success of these event is due to the drive and ambition of campers, and the willing- ness of the corporate sponsors to nurture those traits. YMCA Bitola will continue to work with the next gen- erations of campers, educating youth on leadership, empowerment, and employability. New Member Highlight Marriott Hotel Skopje is a highly luxurious hotel that is part of a leading global lodging company with more than 6,500 properties across 127 countries and territories. Marriott Skopje offers stylish accommodation, friendly service and convenient city center location with scenic Macedonia Square views; a location that enables guests to explore the Old Bazaar and Skopje’s best museums. Marriott offers sophisticated rooms and suites, X[YH\H] \ܙY[[^HY[ Z\H\XH[KQHX\ˈYBX[[][ۜ\[XXXYۚXH]X\HY]\[ B[\H[H\]Z\Y]\[KX]Y[܈ YHH^\[\[H[ۋ\]H\]\[ X\\[[][M[P[HXXYۚXHXY^[B[P[HXXYۚXHXY^[BM