AmCham Macedonia Summer 2017 (Issue 54) - Page 6

Cover STORY Summer 2017 / Issue 54 Ad Industry Trends & Ethics in Macedonia T he ethics of marketing in Macedonia is a very important topic, unfor- tunately, it has received too little attention from Macedonian marketers and adver- tisers. Players on the Macedonian advertising scene generally respect the codes and the standards of operation, much like those in more developed and better regulated markets. Though the market is small and declining, the top 10 marketing agencies in Macedonia are mostly part of global networks like WPP, Publicis group and Inter- public, where group standards do not allow variations with respect to ethical standards regardless of the location. Much of the creative work which appears in our media is made elsewhere. In Macedonia, there are very few examples when a domestic agency campaigned for an international brand, even for the local market. Mainly, these are adaptations of global ads into local languages, primarily 6VFB&गB2W&2&RFW&W7BЦrF66FW"vWFW"W"6&P'W6W722gVFVFǒWF6vWFW"&Fr6v&WGFW26F2B62WF6 vWFW"vR&RǒFW&W7FVB֗r&fBvR6֖rF&R( 'VFr'&G>( F&Vv"ЦWB6V6F2vR&RgFVf7BVr'VB67VW&7@66WGvF&B&G2'WBF@2FW"F2W"'W6W72vWfW"6'GVGFFvBFw2f"6FWBN( 2'FBFFW67&&RFR6FWBv6W GW7G'7W'&VFǒfG2G6VbFP6VFGfW'F6r66VR0&VVfvFrF7W'ffRFR&vvW7@7&62G27F'f6VBvFFP6VG'( 26W&W2V6֖2@ƗF67&627BvV6W2fP&VV( 7W'ffF^( `66VFvP66W6WbvpF&V7F"WrV@WrFV26琤v7BF2&6G&FW&R2&VVFW&W7FrGVƗ6Ӡ6vV6W2WBvr&W7FvW2FW&Fv&G2FR7BRbV'26VFGfW'F6rvV6W2v6WfW&6W2Ɩ2V&W"bw&B&BFRvFVG'VfW2ЧFf'F&BFW'2WG&VRF7&'FFFP6RbFV"GfW'F6r66VRBv&r'VFvWG2f7BPbFR6VG&W2bf&W"Vv6f2v2FW&ЧFv&G226VFvV6W2fRVf'GVFVǒFRFWfVVBbFR7&VFfRFVFbFP6VF&WBFBBG&6FRFw&VFW"'W6W72FVFFR6G&'6VF7W7FW'2f6VBvFFRƗF67&62B&VGV6VBV&Ɩ27VFr&VvG&7F6ǒ7WGFrFV &WFr'VFvWG22FRf'7BBV6W7BvF6fRWff6FFvV6W>( GW&fW"&RV&Ɨ6VB'WB&6V@VF&WfVVW2BFW"&WFW'2'VFvWG2V F&R2V62CR6W"FFR7G&vW7BGfW'F2ЦrV'2##RW6W6Rv2FRvfW&VN( 0FV66FrFRW&vW"b"bFR6VG'( 22F