AmCham Macedonia Summer 2017 (Issue 54) - Page 5

CONTENTS Summer 2017 / Issue 54 Cover Story 06 Saso Pesev, Managing Director, New Moment New Ideas Company Ad Industry Trends & Ethics in Macedonia 08 Vanda Kučera, Head of Corporate Affairs, I&F McCann Grupa Cleaning Up our Own Backyards 16 Radmila Dimova, Director of Marketing Communication & Brand Management, Makedonski Telekom Ethical Advertising of Telecom Services 17 Damjan Dano, Co-founder & Partner, IWM Network Ethics in Digital Advertising Analysis 22 Public Procurement Monitoring Report Highlights 25 Local Economists Call for Corporate Income Tax Changes 26 19 A Closer Look at the EU’s $2.7 Billion Swipe at Google Investing in Your Agency is Investing in Your Business! 30 Boris Eftimovski, Marketing and PR Consultant, Founder of AmCham News & Events #WorldIPDay 2017 30 11 Advertising Ethics – Global Trends & Regional Practice Kamilo Antolović, Permanent Judicial Adviser for Advertising & Market Communication-Marketing in the Republic of Croatia Morality in Marketing: The Croatian Case 14 Stevan Randjelovic, European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) Ethics and Self-regulation: a Perfect Match 20 New Government Program Speaks to Many AmCham Priorities AmCham Macedonia Magazine 5