AmCham Macedonia Summer 2017 (Issue 54) - Page 32

AMCHAM NEWS & EVENTS Summer 2017 / Issue 54 AAG on Why Performance Management Systems Matter On April 20th, AAG – Analysis and Advisory Group’s Managing Part- ners, Verica Hadzi Vasileva-Mar- kovska and Tereza Serafimova, presented the main advantages of successful Enterprise Performance Management System (EPMS) implementation, the pressing need for having an agile workforce and the value it brings both to the employees and the customers. AAG’s team emphasized the role that HR leaders need to play in closing the gap that occurs with the rapid change in technology and the need for adaptability by individu- als, businesses, civil society and governments. The group shared the main obstacles they face in trying to implement EPMS’s within their organizations, such as: lack of funding, miscommunication, lack of qualified personnel on higher positions. Comparable experiences from wide range of sectors were shared among the participants. They agreed that tailored and successful EPMS can be imple- mented, only after thorough analy- sis of organizations’ unique specific needs. Base Erosion & Profit Shifting Trends with KPMG Macedonia On May 25th, member KPMG Macedonia held an M2M session to introduce interested members to the OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Pack- age and discuss its short and long term implications for MNCs working in Macedonia. KPMG’s Koce Jovanov led the session, providing a brief historical overview of the BEPS, pointing out 15 measures created to help governments combat MNC tax avoidance.  He explained that the measures focused on closing legal loopholes that have allowed MNCs to avoid taxes altogether or pay them in tax jurisdictions with the lowest rates, regardless of where profits were actually generated. He said the OECD package also aims to help governments protect com- panies from lengthy disputes between tax author- ities in such cases. KPMG’s Katerina Mitevska also joined the conversation regarding local application of these measures, noting that intergroup transactions were already receiving increased attention from local authorities and that data exchange with other national tax authorities was advancing. 32 AmCham Macedonia Magazine