AmCham Macedonia Summer 2017 (Issue 54) - Page 31

Summer 2017 / Issue 54 AMCHAM NEWS & EVENTS by political campaigns in the country contributed to an environment where ad ethics did not generally receive the attention it deserves. In the second part of the event, we had the opportunity to hear local pro- fessionals and their experiences with the efforts they make when trying to implement global advertising stan- dards in their daily activities. Radmila Dimova (Makedonski Telekom AD) focused on her organization’s inter- nal efforts to educate customers and prevent misleading claims.  Our last presenter, Milos Radulovic (Alkaloid) discussed the lengths to which Alka- loid goes to tailor its ads to regula- tions and ethical standards in each market it is active. He compared and contrasted the extremely regulated ad approval process for pharmaceu- ticals vs. food and food supplements and he thought more needed to be done globally to prevent false and misleading claims. Based on the discussion, AmCham’s Executive Director, Michelle Osmanli, concluded that all ad industry stakeholders needed to work proactively to raise ad stan- dards and consumer awareness. She said that cooperation with consumer protection organizations, educational institutions and enforcement bodies was an im 'FB'BbF2Vff'B6R66B7FVFW'26V@67BFV"f6R&VrV&BFRf&VFbFRWƖ6W0FB7BFVfǒ7FVBЦW'2VVBFBV6FW"66VBЦ&Rf"WFrWF67FF&G26VFr'vrF6W'BBW6ЦrVf&6VVB&FW2FF&PF2&V66VFvP3