AmCham Macedonia Summer 2017 (Issue 54) - Page 30

AmCham News & Events Summer 2017 / Issue 54 Advertising Ethics – Global Trends & Regional Practice The American Chamber of Com- merce in Macedonia (AmCham Macedonia) on Thursday, June 29th, organized an event in the spirit of pro- moting fair competition and respon- sible business conduct, by hosting a debate on ethical advertising in 30 AmCham Macedonia Magazine Macedonia. Top regional experts from this field presented at the event, in an effort to promote the critical role that self-regulation plays in the industry. Roughly 100 guests from the advertising industry, the broader business community, university representatives, international orga- nizations and state institutions attended the event. Participants had a chance to hear presentations from: Saso Pesev (MKD), Vanda Kučera (SRB), Kamilo Antolovic (CRO) and Stevan Rand- jelovic (European Association of Communications Agencies). Their presentations touched on globaliza- tion’s positive and negative impacts on the creative industry in small mar- kets, the Serbian advertising indus- try’s approach to influencing relevant public policies there, the advantages of self-regulation of advertising in Croatia, as well as the major issues trending on the European policy stage in Brussels. Pesev highlighted copy- right protection of artists as important area for improvement in Macedonia, citing a lack of local legal expertise as a major barrier. He said obvious conflicts of interest (e.g., joint owner- ship of PR and media organizations) and a very poor example being set