AmCham Macedonia Summer 2017 (Issue 54) - Page 29

AmCham News & Events Summer 2017 / Issue 54 Open a Door Internship Program Throughout the year, the AmCham Executive Office staff helps university students from low income households gain access to internship opportunities in our member organizations. We continue connecting member companies with ambitious university students from low income families for the third year and we encourage you to contact AmCham Macedonia if your organization is willing to accept at least one intern via our program this year. To express your interest and/or ask a question, please contact the Executive Office at: 3214 716 or mail Current placement Darko Jefremov, Intern at Ohridska Banka Societe Generale (OBSG) The expectations I had before my internship started were met and exceeded. I learn new things every day and my colleagues are very helpful. In my opinion, young people in Macedonia are overly-rational, they don’t want to “lose” their time on internships, especially unpaid ones, they feel like they won’t learn anything new and useful. I urge them to start thinking differently! There is nothing better than finishing your studies and using the summer to get a better understanding on how companies work and what are their expectations. It is very different from what we are taught theoretically. Besides, internship opens many doors, you get to meet new people and learn new skills, giving you an advantage in the labor market. New Member Highlight Piperevski & Associates have a proven expertise in cyber secu- rity, ethical hacking and education consultancy with experienced team of certified professionals and experts. Their team represents an unparalleled depth of experience and specialization in planning, preparing and conducting ethical hacking, effective penetration testing followed by world class cyber security incident response. AmCham Macedonia Magazine 29