AmCham Macedonia Summer 2017 (Issue 54) - Page 15

COVER STORY Summer 2017 / Issue 54 was created by industry leaders to generate new standards for ads based on consumer research. This will mean that only those ads that are consumer-friendly will be created and published. The European Digital Advertising Alliance is also working on providing more transparency to consumers about the collection and use of their data. The greatest challenge is posed by digital advertising. New channels and myriad targeting options also created a number of dilemmas. How should a fashion blogger inform their Instagram followers that she has been sponsored by a local shop and that is why she is praising a prod- uct they sell? What is the right way to keep consumers informed that a post is paid advertising, and not a spontaneous expression of personal opinion? This is where self-regulation can really shine; it allows the industry to apply existing principles of honesty and decency to the digital world. The industry should also work together to boost media literacy among children and people of all ages how to recognise advertising and differentiate good ads from bad ones. According to the latest Havas Group study, consumers would not care if 74% of brands disappeared. This should ring alarm bells for the entire advertising industry. It is time to wake up across all geographies, includ- ing in Macedonia. The international brands and agencies present in Macedonia have a particular respon- sibility to make this happen, as they have a wealth of knowledge to draw from other European markets where ethics and business have been suc- cessfully married for decades. New CSR Standard Awarded in Macedonia This July, the first company in Macedonia was awarded a stan- dard for applying family and gen- der-aware policies that allow their employees to achieve work-life balance as well as gender equal- ity in career development and advancement. The representative and implementer of the Mam- force Standard in Macedonia is AmCham member, Konekt Asso- ciation, which has many years of experience in the CSR field. The Mamforce standard rec- ognizes employer competences in corporate responsibility vis- à-vis their employees’ families. The standard is earned through assessment of employee work- ing conditions with an emphasis on adapting working conditions for parents with young children (e.g., positions, working hours, additional services, support from the company and colleagues), the possibility of gradual return from maternity leave (e.g., part-time and flexible working hours, work from home, allowed absences due to a child’s illness), as well as the possibility for further improvement, progress and gender equality in Nikica Kusinikova, Executive director, Association Konekt top management positions. After the assessment, companies prepare and commit to an action plan for introducing additional measures and are entitled to the basic Mamforce Standard. One year later, a supervisory audit is carried out and if the action plan is confirmed to have been implemented, the organization is awarded with the standard in one of three levels: Change, Grow, or Lead. The first Macedonian recipient was Vip, thereby receiving rec- ognition for existing good practices and identifying improvement areas to help maintain a positive working environment and increase employee satisfaction. At the award ceremony, the standard was officially presented by Diana Kobas Deshkovic, initiator of the Mamforce project. Other supporters who spoke at the ceremony included Elena Grozdanova, State Advisor for Equal Opportunities at the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy; Lilian Kandikjan, National Program Coordinator at the Swiss Embassy; Zaklina Gestakovska Aleksovska from the Increasing market employability (IME) pro- gram; and Nikica Kusinikova, Konekt’s Executive Director. New Member Highlight Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with more than 90 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care. This heritage has given them experience and capabilities that also enable them to help people defeat other serious chronic conditions: haemophilia, growth dis- orders and obesity.Novo Nordisk has a 26 year presence in the Macedonian market. AmCham Macedonia Magazine 15