AmCham Macedonia Summer 2017 (Issue 54) - Page 11

COVER STORY Summer 2017 / Issue 54 Morality in Marketing: The Croatian Case W e live in a dynamic time advances in shaping and transmitting infor- mation result in new communication paradigms. Communication plays a key role in creating favorable and unfavorable impressions individuals as well as companies, work environments, products and services. Precisely because of this, marketing – and especially advertising – faces many challenges, especially those of an ethical and legal nature. Since consumer spending and loyalty are crucial to market success and companies can’t maximize demand and profits through mar- keting alone, responsible commu- nication must be carefully aligned with the interests of the company, individuals and the community as a whole. This harmonization is even more critical given new commu- nication paradigms, digital tech- nologies and interactive market communications. Thus, the emphasis is on mon- itoring legality and ethics of this extremely influential economic branch. Consumers and users demand active engagement in both company communications and its business practices overall. This makes socially acceptable behavior an imperative – including responsible advertising and market communications. Kamilo Antolović, Permanent Judicial Adviser for Advertising & Market Communica- tion-Marketing in the Republic of Croatia Regulation in Croatia Advertising and market com- munications are regulated by a set of legal norms set at the local and national level. There is a long Continued on page 12 AmCham Macedonia Magazine 11