AmCham Macedonia Summer 2016 (issue 50) - Page 26

AmCham News & Events Summer 2016 / Issue 50 new members Lynx Resources Lynx Resources was established in November 2015 by Fusion Capital and Orion Mine Finance to acquire the SASA zinc/lead/silver mine in Macedonia. The SASA mine is one of the largest operating zinc/lead/silver mines in Europe, producing concentrates containing approximately 30,000 tonnes of lead, 22,000 tonnes of zinc and 400,000 ounces of silver per annum. Lynx Resources operates in line with leading industry practices for safety, environment and sustainability. The company strategy is to grow further through acquisitions, exploration and development. FOD Novaci FOD Novaci’s main business activity is development and repair of steel parts. It was established mainly for helping the functioning of the largest power plants in the country. It has a specific strategic location and exclusive machines with robust ranges. FOD Novaci is ISO 9001:2008 certified, operates according to Macedonian laws and follows the European and International standards in order to create high quality products. AmCham Macedonia has launched the “Companies Giving Back in Macedonia” database. This tool highlights the positive and proactive role that many businesses play in Macedonian society. All of our patron members and many of our other members are included in the database, since they lead the way in establishing best practices and increasing the impact of corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs and activities in the country. Already, certain trends can be seen, such as that the 26 AMCHAM MAGAZINE vast majority of 2015-16 CSR initiatives were donations given in the category, “Investment in the Community”. Just 3.5% were initiatives classified as “Environment”; 6% “Customer Relations”; 7% “Employee Relations”; and 11% “Education”. The goal is to create a truly representative and national database, so non-member companies are also encouraged to send us details on their activities. Together, we can build a platform where we can share, inspire and improve our communities together!