AmCham Macedonia Summer 2016 (issue 50) - Page 24

iNTERVIEW experience as a Fortune 200 company, we have identified many positive developments along with some areas for improvement, which are common for this stage of development. The State institutions have been cooperative and supportive throughout the implementation of our investment project. Being eager to attract foreign investment, they are open to understanding the needs of international companies and meet the specific requests of an industry/sector. ACM: What are the projections for volume production and exports this year? Are there any plans for further expansion of the capacity of LEAR’s TIDZ Tetovo Plant? Capkovic: In the middle of the launch phase, the production in the Greenfield factory until the end of the year is planned to reach 3000+ car sets per week. Full capacity of the Lear Tetovo Plant is planned to be achieved by year end 2017 and by then we expect to employ close to 2,000 ACM: Do you cooperate with domestic suppliers of goods and services; if yes, how would you rate this cooperation? Capkovic: Whenever there is a possibility, we try to cooperate with domestic suppliers, since usually they can offer more competitive prices. As a result, we have established solid relationships with a number of domestic, even local, suppliers. There are some areas though – quality and consistency of provided se X\¸$]YY\ܘY[[H\Hܚ[\ۈYX][H[X\]˜HXH\ؘ[[\[ܛ]\\[Hٚ[BX\ܜܘ][ۈ\[YMMۈHܝ[H L ]ܛ X\X\YۙY [[Y\Y[X[YX\YHH]\HX[Bو[[Y[\YY\ˈ\HXY[\Y\ق]][]HX][[[XX[ X\\\]˜\Y\]ؘ[\X[]Y\[HXZ[Z[[[]YX[[Z]Y[ ]XY]X\\[]Y[ ZXY[X\XZ[Z[ ][ۜ[ ͈[Y\\[HؙH[[\\\[X][H L͋ [\YY\ˈX\\YY[\H[XPWHۈH][ܚ”^[KSPSHPQVSB[[Y\ M \YH LH\Y\XHX][XXYۚXO۝[YYHYH M‚] H\H][وH[x&\XۛZX][Y[ H\\H\X]H\ܝX]Y[][ݘ]]BYˈH]Y\[ۈ\Έ[ܙX\HH\[Hو\BYۈH]H[8&\]]H\‚[H\XX]]X[\[Y\•H\X][ۈو\\[]]\وܙZYۈX[YX\\ق[ݘ]]HYYX[\\XX[ݘKY\H]XH][ۜ[ܙX\[]Y[&HX\]Y΂JHY]][HXHYX[ۜH[\Y[]š[ݘ]]HYYX[\˜H[\XZHYܙY[Y[]Y[HZ[\HقX[ HX[[\[H[[\[Y\[H[\\و]Y[ \[HZ[ۙH]YYX[\Y[JN˜HܙX]HY][ۘ[[[\\ HX[YX[[\B[ܙX\HH\[YHوHY]]\[ۂY˂\XX[ݘH\\[]]\[\\^H]][BUKH\و]\[H]]H\[\]Y[ KL͍H^\ˈ[[\XK܈^[\KYHY\ۈH]]B\[ HUH[Y\]\]]X]X[HYYH]]H\ Xܙ[\XX[ݘN8'H\و]\[ۈ[^[[ۈوH]]H\[\[H\Y[[\YX\[H[X][ۘX[Y[Z\[ۈ\™\X\Y Y\X[HYX\\\H]]HYۘ[܈[ݘ]]H\[Y\[Z\[وY\\[]YYX[\[XXYۚXK'BHܛ[X[Y[‚]H][BHYX[ۋ[B[^H[ܙH^[]B[ݘ]]HYHܛ[\ܝۈH[[وXX[[\[]šX[X[ۋX[Y[]XXYۚXH۝[YHYX[Hو\[[\XYYX[\YY\[HX[[]XX\[Y[\[K[H[][[[\B[X[[ݘ]]H\X\\[Y[و^[]K]YˈHZ[\HوX[[HX[[\[B[[]H[Hۈ X[Y][[\\[\\وY[^[]HX]Y[Y\\[]][YY›ۈH]]H\ YHX[XH\\Y[ŠJH\܈[Z[\YX[\\ˈ]Z\Hۙ[YH][[H\X]Hܘ[KHܛ[X[Y[\[[YYYY]Y\Z[H][Y[Y\Š]Z[܈\X[K܈^[\JH\H[\ܘ\HXK8'B^\Hܛ[˂