AmCham Macedonia Summer 2016 (issue 50) - Page 17

ADVOCACY Summer 2016 / Issue 50 of innovative drugs into the global market over the past 20 years established a presence in Macedonia. In practice, they are not direct distributors of their own program; the distribution is done by wholesalers, their local partners. Local representative offices of big pharma companies mainly deal with aftersales activities, analysis of the use of their drugs, marketing activities and the like. In recent years, we’ve witnessed a trend of big pharma companies closing their offices. Our sources say that the pharmaceutical giants Astra Zeneca, Actavis and Stada already closed their offices and several companies downsized their staff, reducing and refining their basic operations down to basic registration of medicines, etc. The closure of their local offices does not mean that their products will not be present on the market, though, drugs for which manufacturers have no income from the Macedonian market may be withdrawn. These are more expensive drugs that are not on the State Fund’s positive list and are not viable for commercial use, given the small market. “We all lose from the withdrawal of global pharmaceutical companies from the country. Health workers can’t treat patients with new drugs to their benefit. Patients can’t participate in sponsored studies, so they can benefit from the latest pharmaceutical achievements. As prices of generic drugs start to fall (drugs produced after patent protection of the original formula expires, usually ten years after their original placement. The manufacturing cost of these drugs is much lower because costs of research and development are not embedded), profits will decrease and we will lose the margin that usually supp ܝH[\ܝو[ݘ]]HYYX[\8'HXܙ[\\\˂][وY\HXXYۚX[]^[X]Y]‚[\XY\Bو]X[]K]][ܙH[ݘ]]BYۈB]]H\‘X\\[\X]]YYYX[\]ܛ][\[\^Y LYX\YZ[]BHX\]”\XX\]HBHZY]Y[XXYۚXB]HH\]Z\Y]X[]H[\BYK]X\H][\Y[H KK[H\]Z\YY\\وY\][ۋ\X][ۋܘYK]ˊKHYYX[\Y[H\]Y\X]YB]]^[[Y\XXY[NY[\[HX\][\Z\۝\HYH[]\H^KH[\XYXH\YBHݙ\Y[\YX[]YX]X[]K\XX\^Z[\H\HY]\HXYHHHܛ][H]\š[[YHXZ܈\XX]]X[\[Y\X\][ݘ]ܜ][]X[HY^\]HYX\]Hܛ][KYܙH\\[Y\؝Z[YHYXB\HY[\X[K\B]Y[ݘ][ۜ\H^[]BX]\H]\[[[ۈ\\B\X[H[[\X\[][Y[وH]Y[X[KY\H][X[ۈ\[^\\[[\X\[Y\[Bܛ[XHZ\ۈY˜[[\Z\ۈ[ \YۈH]ܛ][KX]Y[][ݘ]]HY\^[]K\YܙKؘ[XX\Y[]HBYX\] ZY[XX\[Y[XY\[XY^[[ݘ]]HY^H\H]Z[XHH[][ۋ۝[YYۈYH \[[[\ܝ\8'\[ۈH\x'B\YX\YH]HY[[[\[[[\ܝ›وYYX[\YX[[HX[]H[\ܝHY]\˜[XYHY\\Y[XXYۚXK]\[X\\[B\و[Y\][\[[[\ܝˈZ[\\وX[ ZHܛ݋Y[Y\YX\\H][]][[š[ܙX\YX\]\]][ۈ[X\\Y܈]Y[˂\\[]]\و\[\^H]H[\\[\\[ܙX\Y\ۈ\\XH[\^H\HYY] HX]\HوH^Hو\HX\][HX[]Hو[[›\\XYY HY\X\[\Y[[\ܝ[ܙHY]\\Hو[\ܝ HXZ]YH[Z[\\X]HH]\[\XX]]X[ܚ\X[Y\[\[\ٙX\وؘ[\XX]]X[\[Y\X]Hۜ\]Y[\و\[[[\ܝ΂JH^H[\YHHXXX[]HوYHHX[YX\B\H[\\[XXYۚXN˜H^H[ܙX\HHZ[Zو[\Z]YYX[\™[\[HX\] \X[\HHX\]]YHHUK\XH[\^N˜H^H\[][HXZ܈\XX]]X[\[Y\ܛYK\\YX[H]X][\وHXXYۚX[X\]܈[K\\\]H]\H\HYXY[Y[][ۜYXBX\[]\[[[\ܝ\[&]X\\K[HX[BYX\\H[XYHYXY][]\H[]X]BX[YX\\[\[\ˈ]\ܝ[HH]܈H\Hو\^ H[]Y\[ۜHYYX[\Y[H܈Z\][ۈۈ\[[[\ܝ[Z\YX\[\[Y[ۈ][][ݘ]]HY˜YYۈH]]H\ ]YXZ]H[[\SPSHPQVSBM‚