AmCham Macedonia Summer 2013 (issue 38) - Page 8

ANALYSIS Investing in Sustainability Interview with Stelios Grigoriadis, Country Manager of Alliance One in Macedonia restructuring, in 2007 our headquarters and tobacco processing were moved into one facility in Kavadarci. In April 2011, we completed construction of our new storage and processing facilities. Our new state-ofthe-art factory is equipped with the latest technology including tobacco soft-drying and storage facilities with 40,000 sqare meters for green tobacco and packed products. We decided to invest in Macedonia because of the friendly business environment, good grower base, building customer demand, as well as an opportunity to implement new ideas and technology. Our total investment in buildings and factory machinery has exceeded USD $18 million. We have established a strong relationship with almost 9,000 farmers and developed a market reputation built on our socially responsible approach and transparent business practices – characteristics that define AOI globally. We employ 57 full time staff and about 400 seasonal workers in Macedonia, mostly from Kavadarci and some from neighboring villages. For this year’s crop, we have contracted more than 8,500 tons of Macedonian oriental tobacco that will be sold to customers around the world. We also plan to further develop worldwide market awareness of Macedonian oriental tobacco, given its quality and attractive smoking characteristics. EM: Alliance One purchases tobacco in more than 35 countries fr H\[[H[XXN\ؘX[ HۙY܈\\HX[]Y\\[Hܛ[[[\[X][HL[Y\ˈ]]HY[YHوH^\[\X\\H][[][ۘ[\[OܚYܚXY\ΈSH\ܙX]YYY]H[[\و^x&\ؘ[\[\[\ۛY[ \[X[\[\H[Z]Y[ۙX\[\[H\Z[XK\X[X[\Yܛۛ^H[\Y[[\[Z[YY[\Y\XH[ܙX\Y[Y\][Y\[XXYۚXH[[Y\ L\YH SNHX[H\[\[H[H\H]\HوH\[HوH\HKˈ\[H[]Y\KXXYۚXKX\H[\H]X]H\[H[[\[\H[\[H\[\[X[Hۙx&\[\Y[[XXYۚXKܚYܚXY\Έ[X[HۙHXXYۚXH\[Y[X]Hو[X[HۙH[\][ۘ[ [ˈ SKYYۈH][ܚ^[JHHXY[[\[[XYؘXY\[\[Hܛ8&\Y\]HX[YX\\ˈSH[X\\\\\Xܙ\[\XYؘX\[\ݚY\Yܛۛ^H^\\H[[[[܈ܛ[XYؘXˈ\\Y\\HY\]HX[YX\\X\[\[ܜ\[\][ۘ[ [\\X[ؘX\[ؘX[\][ۘ[ [\[ܜ\TH[^[[Y\X[ؘXˈۙHوSx&\YX\܈\[Y\[\YHXXYۚX[X\][ NNNHX]Z\[[ؘXXܚY\]X[YH[X[HۙHXXYۚXH[ K[H\وۜY][ۈ[