AmCham Macedonia Summer 2013 (issue 38) - Page 6

ANALYSIS Wabtec MZT Builds on Macedonia’s Engineering Tradition Interview with Selim Simbil, General Manager of Wabtec MZT AD Skopje EM: Please tell us a bit about the company and your industry generally as well as Wabtec’s investment in Macedonia. Simbil: Wabtec Corporation is a leading supplier of value-added, technology-based products and services for rail, transit and other global industries such as heat-exchange equipment for off-highway equipment an [\X[\X][ۜˈH\[H\XY]X\\Y[]؝\ [[[XH[\X] LX[YX\[[\XH[\[[\ٙX\ܛYK\\X]\HH]H\Y\[ LH[Y\[ HوHؘ[X\]\H[\[\K[[ H]HX] L [\YY\ܛYK\]\X[\][ۜ\HXY]X\\Y[Y[K\H[XXYۚXKXXV\[H[\\ݙ\ [K HوH\H[[Y\ˈ\[[ۛVT\XX[H\X\Y[ NM ]\\[Hۙ[Y[[Y\[Y][ۈ[Z[X\]X\\[\\\]Z\Y[[\ˈXXܜܘ][ۈYV8&\][\ۙ\Hܛ H][H[ [ H]8&\[HX[YHXXV \\YX\H\HX\Y۝[YHV8&\Y][ۈو[ݘ][ۈ[]X[]H]H][وX[ۈوH[Yܘ]YYHZH PKXXV\H\XH\XHو L ]X\HY]\][ܙH[ L XX[\][ XX[^Y\\ˈ\KH][ XH[XZ[Z[\]HZ[\[\܈ZY[Y\[XXYۚXH[[Y\ L\YH