AmCham Macedonia Summer 2013 (issue 38) - Page 29

ANNOUNCEMENTS Intellectual Property Curriculum for 9-14 year olds in Local Languages AmCham Macedonia recently completed the translation of two World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) publications targeting 9-14 year olds entitled, “Learn from the Past, Create the Future: Inventions and Patents” and “Learn from the Past, Create the Future: The Arts and И Copyright”. These pubОСТА УМЕТН СКОТО ОР lications are designed АВТ О ПРАВ to foster young people’s creativity and inventiveness while raising their awareness about the value of intellectual property.  AM Page 1   t 1 5/23/2013 9:38 925_korica_MAK_Layou Both the Macedonian and Albanian versions are available on our website: www.amcham. under Other Resources. 92 5_ ko ric a_ AL B_ La yo ut 1 5/23 /201  3 9:41 AM Pa ge 1 935_korica_ALB_Lay out 1 5/23/2013 10:11 AM Page 1 Organizata Да ја Për më tepër informata, kontak toni OBPI në Botër ore e Pronë s Intelektuale Да со Светската ации, контактирајте За повеќе информ ност, на: www.wip индустриска сопстве организација за Organization 34, chemin des Colombettes P.O. Box 18 CH-1211 Gjenev ë 20 Zvicër ПРонајДоЦи и и Патент атото, учиме оД мин на ,4`t/-%4,4,,4/4-H4.4%4/t.0܈pHH^0܈ [] HX]H [H0[ HH۝H LH NHH LHۚHXڙHۈЈ]0H[\[HY 0Hۈ Z LXH˝ \HH  [LH  LH L 0ӒHHH MSPTHRӒH X[\Hܛ[[XX]\ [Z[\ ˈ N  LLLH[]H]\[(-t.-ta4//NLWܚXBPR^[‚ L] H Ǩ‚LLSBYH B%4$4()&4'%H4'%(t'%%4$4$4('4%4$4'4&4't$4('ZΈ4$4'4%H4%$ H LH LH4($4't$[YێTUHHRUHH0UԒUpԒS‚B‚‚p‚HQB&4%4't& H M LH H LB)4,4.`NHHT]BSPHH HBT H M,4`,4(t,-t``t.˚[4,4f4`-H4`t/˝\4`,4.`.4`4. 4.//H4`t`4/t,4`t`,-t/t/4/`4/4,4a.4.,4`t//4-tg4-H4.4/ta[ۈ4``t``4.4`H4%,4//,[^]4-,4.4/t-Hܙ4-,4a.4f4,\4/`4,,4/t.X[[[Hܛ\XHZ[\ H N ˈ  H[]H LLH[]B(-t.-ta4/ДYHXX[Z[HH]L; ;  HS LpH‚T‚M‚ BLN BL BBLH LH H )4,4.`N/N M H ДHXZ[HLHSYX[ۚH]܈ LTГM NLN KL ‚T4,t` LHR; 4'`,t..4.,4a.4f4,4/t,;  L4,/-4.4/t,4&4--4,4-4-t/t/4,/4`t-t/`-t/4,`4.LKLTГM NLN BTГR4,t` LHT4/t,4.4f4,4/t, L4,/-4.4'`,t..4.,4a4-t/4,`4.4,/4`t-t/`4&4--4,4-4-t/t/M NLN KL KMHXوHXۙV L\UH[Yܘ][ۋHZ\[[ݚYHܝ[]Y\܈[ݙ\Y[YY]\\[]]\وH\[\X܈[]X[X[[\ܜ܈Z\ڙX[[\HYXY[H[[]XH[\Y\ˈ\X\[Έ8(H \]ܜ8(H L [ݙ\Y[H] QX\]\H[^[ۙ8(H L [\ܜΈ\[\\[[ܜو][X\[\X\8(H][Y[Y[Y\][Y]HV L\ܙ[^Y[\H]\X\وH\Y[وH\XXوܛ]XK\^[[H]\ݚX‚[Y\[XXYۚXH[[Y\ L\YH B