AmCham Macedonia Summer 2013 (issue 38) - Page 21

ANALYSIS Lengthy and Complex Path to Working as a Foreign National in Macedonia The process of obtaining permission to work as a foreign citizen in Macedonia can be very long and complex, since it involves approvals from several State institutions (Ministry of foreign affairs, Ministry of Interior, National Employment Agency) and involves the production and processing of a lot of paperwork. There is no official data available on the length of the procedure, though it has been the target of several projects aiming to reduce its rather Draconian complexity. The Macedonian Government has recently made minor adjustments to the Law on Foreigners in response to these reports, including some exceptions for employees who are of “crucial importance to foreign investments” (though it’s still unclear who might meet this definition). The supporting documents required at each stage in the process vary, so applicants should pay close attention to the directions provided and leave plenty of time for unexpected delays or multiple trips to the institutions involved. required for their visa and temporary residence permit application at the Macedonian consulate nearest them in person.1 Unfortunately, we have no official data on processing times for visas and temporary residence permit application approvals. The process of obtaining permission to work in Macedonia can be very long and complex,.... Best Case Scenario: Assigning a Current Employee to Macedonia (>100 days total processing time) The most straightforward case is the assignment of a current employee to the company’s operations in Macedonia. In these cases, the employer in Macedonia must first apply for a work permit on their employee’s behalf. The work permit process involves submission of 9 original, hard copy documents, plus translations of several copies (e.g., passport data page) into Macedonian by a court-certified translator and finally notarized by a local notary public. The work permit should be certified within 45 days of application. Next, the employer must send the hard copy, certified work permit application to their employee abroad. The employee then submits the certified work permit application along with 10 documents Emerging Macedonia Summer 2013 Issue 38 1 Macedonia has only about 45 diplomatic missions around the world, so this can mean additional travel and expense, depending on your country of origin. 21