AmCham Macedonia Summer 2013 (issue 38) - Page 20

ANALYSIS Local Companies Take CSR to the Next Level Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not a fad. Macedonian companies have kept pace with the global trend of viewing their CSR programs as a key part of their strategies for long-term sustainability and growth. In recent years, we’ve seen more and more companies moving from one-off CSR activities with limited Author: scopes to more strategic Nikica Kusinikova, initiatives. Some of the Konekt best practices of AmCham Macedonia member companies are described here. Each of these examples: a) demonstrates long-term, voluntary commitments, b) is focused on sustainable and equitable development and c) seeks to create synergies with the company’s core operations. For years, Cementarnica Usje AD Skopje has proved its commitment to minimizing the negative impact of its operations on the environment and improving the habitats where it operates. In 2010, as part of its commitment to protecting biodiversity, the company commissioned a biodiversity study of ~30 year old artificial lakes that had formed in areas where it had mined. The study confirmed that company operations don’t affect the lakes’ flora and fauna and that there are no endangered species in the lakes. It did, however, reveal an excess of phytoplankton which could create an ecosystem imbalance. In response, the company began regularly cutting reeds and stocking the lakes with fish to eat the surplus phytoplankton toward preventing an imbalance. EVN Macedonia’s employees generated the idea to raise young people’s awareness of efficient energy usage. The resulting project embodies a core company priority and was developed and implemented via 20 cooperation with five Macedonian NGOs. Its goal is to educate students aged 9-12 about reasonable and cautious use of electrical energy through interactive classes, games, quizzes, camps and small projects. The project proves that the combination of company resources and operational goals with the expertise and community connections of civil society can bring about signif Ёͽ%؁啅̰ѡɽЁ́ɥЁɥ͍́́ѽՍ԰ɕQɝѕЁձɅɽ́́䁕Ёեхͽѥ̸ݥ́ MHɅѕ䰁-ɍMхѕѥѥٔѼЁ٥ѥ́ѥ٥%ɅѥݥѠѡ5AљɴЁAٕ䰁ѡɽ٥́Սɕͽɍ́Ѽɽ٥卡ɽͥЁ٥ѥ̰Ցե͡ѕ́ɽՍɕѵЁQé啕́ͼ٥ͥЁѡ͡ѕ́ѼѥݥѠѡݽѡɕ䁅ͥЁѡȁͽѥե5ɕٕȰѡѥѕ́݅ɕ́Ʌͥѥ٥ѥ́ՑՉɅ́她ȁɽȁѥѡɕ䁱́ՕɕхѥѼѡ́ͽՔ9͕͔́͡ѡЁЁ MHɅѥ́ɔЁɕ͕ٕȁɝ̸ȁ啅̰ѡ䁡ٕ́ѕѡɅѥՍѥɔ́́ѡɽ՝́ѽɥѕɹ͡ɽɅMՑ́ݡѥєѡѕɹ͡ɽɅЁɕɽЁݡɔѡ䁍ݡЁѡeٔɹѡɽեͽЁͭ́ѕݽɬͥ́չѥЁ͕٥ՑЁ́ͥѽȁݡ́хѡ丁Q䁽ѕɕ́ѡЁѕɹ̰Ёѥ́ɕ͕́ѡȁȁɭЁѥѥ̸ٕ%Ȱѡ䁡ѕȁѽхѕɹ͡ѡ̰ͥЁٕЁȁ͵ɝѥ)ɝ5MյȀ́%Ք((