AmCham Macedonia 1/2019 - Page 23

Social and Environmental Responsibility As a socially and environmentally responsible company, Propoint operates in accordance with its values through capital investment in energy efficiency, continuous improvement of all processes by investing in new machines, and introducing procedures that preserve the quality of the product while protecting the environment. More specifically, Propoint has invested in: modernized B1 format printing machine (Heidelberg); hot gluing machine, stain machine and many other smaller finishing machines; selective MGI UV varnishing machine, and a new high voltage station. In 2018 Propoint started installing a photo- voltaic station, which will enable the company to use renewable sources of electricity in all its processes. Similarly, the delivery of the printed and finished product to the customers will be done with electric vans in line with the company’s dedication to becoming a green (eco) company, a pioneer in the country and the region. The company also started using an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) for analyzing and fully planning, tracking and controlling all resources in the company. Most importantly, Propoint is a socially responsible company that employs 22 people with disabilities who work on products that require a fine human touch and hand finish. The company also contributes to humanitarian causes and projects, as well as educational and awareness-raising campaigns. Value of the company The success of the company is based on the company’s greatest value, which is the experienced, professional, creative, and motivated team of employees who unselfishly engage themselves in all projects. Their main motivators are quality, professionalism, diligence, and timely delivery of all printed products. The company’s motto is “yes, it’s possible.” Seemingly ‘impossible’ projects are seen as a new challenge, a new beginning, a new story narrated and created under high criteria, precise to the smallest detail required by the demands of the customers. The new quality control system is of great importance for the company as well as for its customers. Electronic advertising and information sharing will never overshadow and reduce the value and significance of printed materials. It is something that can be seen and touched, where every detail, finish, and technique can be appreciated.  EMERGING MACEDONIA 23