AmCham Macedonia 1/2019 - Page 22

MEET OUR MEMBERS Propoint - Excellence in Printing P ropoint is a company that follows global trends in the field of printing and is always ready to achieve the maximum and therefore it is one of the leading companies on the market. The quality of the printed materials that come out of this company and the timely delivery of the printed and finished product to the customer is due to the modern machines, the successful management, and the dedicated and professional team of the company.Propoint is recognizable for always striving to implement the latest achievements of the technological development in the graphics industry by investing in new technology from world-wide manufacturers such as Heidelberg, Muller Martini, Rile Cart, Kodak, Fuji and others.The products that come out of this company can be found in everyday life, from the most famous brands in the country and the world through promotional materials, catalogues, various food packaging, pharmaceutical products, books, monographs, etc. History Propoint DOOEL Skopje was founded in 1996 and started with screen printing. Only a few years after its establishment, the great enthusiasm, belief in success, and vision will redirect the company 22 EMERGING MACEDONIA into offset printing, and is currently one of the best and largest printing companies in the region. The good strategy, proper development plan, and continuous investment and improvements enable the company to employ 63 employees accommodated in a new facility that meets the highest environment and safety standards. Achievements Propoint has been successfully operating on the market for more than 20 years and it is a leader and a recognizable brand that has built an image as a company that manufactures highest quality products, confirmed by the loyalty of their customer base.Its policy of success and achievement is based on production innovation, education and dedication of the employees, and the consistent communication and cooperation with the clients in order to meet their needs for production of top quality products in the shortest time possible.The company focuses on sustainability through the use of clean energy and contributes to the improvement of the environment, significant reduction of negative impact, reduction of CO2 and other harmful emissions, gases, particulates, etc.