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Paul is the owner of the iconic Centaur Gym in Belfast and over a very short period of time he has built an international reputation as the ‘go to’ man for outstandingly effective and intelligent program design.

He has become “the coach behind the coaches” in recent years, with masters the world over benefiting from his unique approach to program design.

Paul is the founder and creator of The Amazing 12 Week Physique Program, a body transformation program whose holistic result’s in both aesthetics and strength, within 12 weeks or less, remain unmatched the world over! Real bodies – Real People.

His many achievements as a coach include numerous regional, national, international and world champions, in a wide range of sporting disciplines. What sets Paul apart is not his background in working with champions but his incredible ability to create champions from a square one start, in an amazingly short space of time.

This uncanny ability was never more evident than the work Paul did with his own wife Carmel.

Carmel had never trained or competed in any sport in her entire life. In fact, she’d never taken part in any physical training of any capacity. But after giving birth to their first child via caesarean section, Carmel felt the need to get in shape for the first time in her life. Fast forward just 8 months later and she had become Kettlebell Lifting Champion of the World…whilst training from home!!!

Not content with just creating champions, Paul has become a champion himself several times over. A highly accomplished strength athlete, Paul believes in leading from the front. Winning titles over the past 20 years in boxing, track and field, cross-training, fitness modelling, Girevoy Sport, all-round weightlifting, powerlifting and now strongman feats of strength.

Paul’s unparralled understanding of the human body has born his unique ability to create programs that enable ANYBODY! to maximise their physical form. Paul has used his expertise to develop the worlds number 1 body transformation program, the Amazing 12!