Amarantine Volume 5: Your Perfect Life - Page 7

A Perfect Life… Ever since I was a very small child, I have always dreamt of leading a life that was way better than my own. I have always longed for the nicer things in life; a bigger and better house, nicer toys, more beautiful surroundings, better weather, more money, nicer food and drinks, and so on. And as I grew into my teenage years, my dreams of that perfect life were expanded with dreaming of being very successful in my perfect career, finding and marrying that perfect gorgeous and loving husband, travelling to the most beautiful places on earth whilst staying in the most fantastic hotels with perfect service. And it wasn’t just a dream, I knew with absolute certainty that life had all those bigger and better things in store for me. But then, somewhere along the way; real life kicked in and disturbed those dreams. Reality taught me that there’s nothing wrong with dreaming big, but that it can take a good while to achieve those big dreams. And in the meantime, life can actually be pretty tough! You’ll need to study hard and start at the bottom of the career ladder, in order to eventually become great in any job. And that may take years. The first place where you will live on your own, will likely be tiny and rubbish, and if you’re lucky enough you may be able to work your way up the property ladder over the years that follow. Taking a 5* first class trip around the world may be achievable, but it will take years and years of working and saving really hard to ever be able to a thing like that. And as reality kicked in, almost automatically my dreams became much smaller and also much more realistic. I dreamed of living in a house, any house, instead of living in an apartment. I dreamed of getting a promotion at work, instead of aiming for that top-level-job straight away. I was very happy with my first ever 2* European island vacation, instead of longing for that 5* trip to Fiji. But somewhere in the back of my mind, those old dreams must still have been alive. Because, when I think about them now and assess where I am today, I can see very clearly how my life has moved over the years towards that perfect life picture that I have created in my mind all those years ago. I’m not living my dream yet, but I have never been as close to doing so in my life before. And I can actually say that my life is pretty perfect as it is right now. And therefore I believe that, on a very unconscious level, those childhood dreams have guided me on my path. They helped me progress and keep moving forward, even when I didn’t think about them. If you want to live your perfect life too, then I hope this issue of Amarantine will inspire you on how to create your perfect life, and in the meantime, be grateful for what you have already achieved along the way. Warmest regards, Denny Denny Portier-Terpstra Managing Editor Amarantine Volume5 AMARANTINE 1