Amarantine Volume 4: Expectations! - Page 77

building a business, having a successful marriage or bringing up successful kids can all be hard. But if you become good in doing hard things, you may become good in doing almost everything, and your success rate at anything you try will be much higher. 3. Expect that small things lay the foundation to bigger things in life: One of the articles I recently read had the following sentence which I believe says it all: ‘You can’t lift a thousand pounds all at once, but you can lift one pound a thousand times’. I know why I have been unhappy and impatient many times in my life, I expected results just that minute, and wanted them instantly. This leads to frustration and all sorts of negative feelings. Small, dedicated, repeated efforts will get you their eventually. 4. Don’t expect you will win life, just by moving forward only: There are times when we go around and come back to a dead end. Maybe in that case it may be worth identifying that we may not be on the right path. Maybe it is time to move backwards, re- assess and take a U turn. There is absolutely a big difference when you decide to give up on one thing, and start over in the right direction. 5. The biggest disappointments in life come when you had put unrealistic expectations in place: It’s our perception of things, or it’s our judgment according to our experiences, that makes us set the standards and expectations for how something ‘should be’. The minute we change our perception of things and how we look at them, we see things in a different light, without unnecessary stress and frustration. Have a positive attitude and open mind, and you will be able to clearly see the difference between an unrealistic expectation and an expectation that helps you move forward. Last but not least, it’s about managing our expectations. Choosing the areas where to have higher expectations and choosing the areas where to have lower expectations, looking at things openly and mindfully and being non- judgmental, where it can help us to live again and be happy. Today, I truly believe in that we were NOT brought to this world to live up to other peoples’ expectations, but to craft our own journey and achieve to the highest purpose for what we were chosen for. Charuni Senanayake © 2018 Dr Charuni Senanayake Life Coach, Executive Coach and Coach Trainer Volume4 AMARANTINE 77