Amarantine Volume 4: Expectations! - Page 76

forgotten that I should have primarily lowered expectations of others, but perhaps I shouldn’t have my lowered expectations of my own self. However, it has happened in both ways, and without realizing this I had settled my life mode to ‘default’. Getting my thoughts in order and reflecting on each situation, I started to look at ways how I could feel like ‘living’ again. I learnt the following during this change process: 1. Design your life whenever and where ever you can: Identify if you have set the mode of life to ‘default’, following a deep analysis of and reflection on things around you. How you are feeling, what you have, what you would like to have etc. Stop hiding behind other people’s decisions, traditions, and cultures. Don’t let others tell you what you should be doing with your life. Take responsibility for designing your own journey every step of the way. Feel your passions and take actions to achieve them. You may actually get a chance to create your life, by doing things that touch or move you, rather than sitting in one place and wishing for something to happen. Even if you do not succeed fully, you will know that you had the guts to try, and that you’ve gained lots of positive experiences that enrich your life in different aspects. 2. When you try to do ‘hard’ things, great opportunities also will come your way: Willingness to accept and grow during hard periods of life shows your character, your dedication and how strong you are as a person. Remember the saying ‘Best things in life are hard to come by’? If you lower your expectations of yourself and shy away from the difficulty of the situation, you may miss out on them entirely. Learning a new area of work, skill building, 76 AMARANTINE Volume4